Ringing in a new (school) year

Early September marks the beginning of a new school year for children in the northern hemisphere (our friends in the southern hemisphere have been back to school for months now). It also marks the beginning for OECD educationtoday’s new blog home here at oecdeducationtoday.blogspot.com.
Many of you know us at www.oecd.org/edu/educationtoday where for years now we have brought you the latest and greatest developments in education – in areas such as student performance, early childhood learning, online learning and more. Today, we are moving our blog to a new home, where we hope many more of you will find us, join us and tell us what you think.

We will continue to blog about hot topics in education around the globe and at OECD, bringing you an insider look at new findings in international student performance, skills, early childhood education, education innovation and more. Guest bloggers from within the OECD (including experts in the field) and from around the world (education ministers and education movers and shakers) will share their thoughts, listen to yours and respond to your questions and comments.
Next week look out for a post by Andreas Schleicher, all about OECD’s Education at a Glance, our annual report on how countries around the world are measuring up inside and outside the classroom. You won’t want to miss it!
There’s nothing like having access to breaking and relevant thinking in your favourite field. Ours is education. You too? Sign up to receive our blogposts by email, join this site with Google Friend Connect, tweet out blogs you like (or those you don’t) and keep coming back.
Now back to the pencil sharpeners, books and laptops … a busy year lies ahead!
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