Calling all youth: Get involved in the OECD Global Youth Video Competition 2012

by Desiree Quinteros
OECD Global Youth Video Competition 2011 winner and Consultant to the OECD Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development

Where am I going to work after I finish my studies? This is the question all young students face sooner or later, but finding a quick answer is growing more and more difficult. Finding the “dream job” has never been easy, but finding a “job” is becoming harder, particularly after the financial and economic crisis. As the OECD Emploment Outlook 2011 points out, “while overall unemployment has fallen from its recessionary peak, it is still high in many countries, especially for vulnerable groups such as disadvantaged youth”.

After three, four, five or even more years studying, young professionals expect to not only to find a job, but a well-paid and productive one. The recent crisis showed that more action is needed to reduce youth vulnerability to changing political and economic conditions: in the first quarter of 2011, the unemployment rate for young people (aged 15 to 24) was 17.4% in the OECD area compared to only 7% for adults (aged 25 and over).  So it’s time to think about solutions and “preventative” measures, which must start with education: reducing the gap between skills youth acquire at school and those needed in the labour market,and increasing the opportunities for vocational education and training.

In this sense, youth have a unique opportunity to take action and express their thoughts/challenges/solutions to the issues that matter for youth in the next OECD Global Youth Video Competition 2012. This competition invites young people to think about global issues affecting their future today, from unemployment, education and skills, to inequality and development. As a first step, the OECD is asking you  to vote on what should be the theme of the 2012 Video competition.  Tell us what you think from among the themes and the selected one will be announced on 14 December 2011 at the Conference on Youth Employment, organised by the European Youth Forum, with the support of the OECD. Then the creative process starts – young people, aged 18-25 – will be eligible to enter the competition with a 3 minute video on the chosen theme – get scripting and filming!!

After participating  in the last OECD Youth Video Competition and winning first place, I can say that it was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. Sharing thoughts with policy makers, listening to live presentations of presidents, ministers, and business leaders, and meeting people from all around the globe, really encouraged me to keep working for better policies and to always keep in mind that young people need to be involved directly in the global issues that will craft our future, and take action!

To find out more about the competition, and to vote, please visit:

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Photo credit: Desiree Quinteros.  Watch the winning video on Youtube

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